7th Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED)

The Center for Economics and Finance at the University of Porto (CEF.UP) is organizing and hosting the 7th Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED) Workshop at FEP, University of Porto, Portugal, on the 27-28th of June, 2022. The Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED) workshop was originally established in 2009 to celebrate the decision to make the Portuguese LEED, Quadros de Pessoal, accessible to the academic community. Quadros de Pessoal is now internationally renowned as one of the richest administrative Linked Employer-Employee Datasets suitable to study the behavior of firms, employees, and to address many other questions related to the functioning of labor and product markets.
This Workshop intends to bring together scholars doing research with this type of data and create a forum for discussion on the role of LEED as a foundation for solid academic research that can help address current societal challenges by informing policy and other decision-makers. We foresee great opportunities for exchange between scholars from various fields (e.g., economics, management, innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy, organizational behaviour, sociology, among others) working with this type of data on research questions that are both theoretically grounded and socially relevant. The availability of this type of data in several European countries with different regulatory environments (e.g., Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany) may create additional opportunities for discussion about cross-country differences and institutional contexts. We therefore encourage researchers using LEED from different countries, including PhD students and junior scholars, to submit a paper to the Workshop.